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Handling solutions for grain and malt


Equipment for the production of malt, such as barley receiving systems, chain and belt conveyors, screw conveyors, bucket elevators, silos and hoppers with or without load cells, complete automation and supervisory systems, cleaning machines for grain, kilns, truck loading and unloading systems without dust generation, conical or flat steeping tanks, round or rectangular germination boxes with corresponding turning machines, kiln with corresponding loading and unloading devices as well as all necessary accessories and optional equipment and devices for a complete malting plant.

Over more than 30 years Zeppelin's technology is responsible for the best solutions in storing dry bulk materials.

Receiving of Malt

A modern receiving system sends the grain from the truck directly to the material's conveying system, avoiding environmental pollution and any sort of contamination during the receiving process.


Chain and belt conveyors

Belt conveyors or bucket elevators, made of carbon steel or stainless steel, both with self-cleaning system. The elevators are equipped with continuous control system for chain alignment and operating speed.


Malt storage



Truck loading and unloading systems without environmental pollution.




  Cleaning Machine

Steeping tank

Turning Machine

Screw conveyor - stainless steel

Mixing Tank

Automation and control

A modern automation system complete the supply, with a supervisory system tailored, ensuring a completely automated and reliable operation of the plant. The system is fully integrated with other sectors of the plant.

Conveying belt for green malt

Assembly at the site

Develop complete projects plants producing malt from barley, including all processes pertaining to:

Receipt of barley, cleaning and preconditioning.
Automation and Control
Utility systems

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